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Digital media has become a crossroads for content

Traditional Websites, Microsites, Blogging, Micro-blogging, Interactive content, Streaming video, Viral video, are all being used by companies and individuals as promotional tools, or in some cases as an information resource to be quickly deployed.

The challenge we face is how to coordinate all these channels, provide them with meaningful editorial content, and monitor the level of interaction with the audience in all the critical markets.

To understand this context we have to acknowledge the new role that the consumer audience has defined for themselves, they want to be protagonists in this story and not just mere spectators.

Ethos Factory understood this profound shift in paradigm and is recognizing its logical evolution in this new media landscape.

Our Ethos: Handmade brand solutions.

In today’s marketplace "now" just isn't fast enough, "easy" is often too complicated and no one has any time to listen.

We think success is measured by the ability to relate to your customer on a "one-to-one" basis, creating an engaging brand identity and by being relevant to each individual while appealing to all your audience at the same time.

Notes From the Editor

The Holiday season is upon up and we are all looking forward to some family time spent trying to figure out how to configure the latest crazy gadgets we received. The year has gone by fast and it is time for all of us to look back and be grateful for all that we have shared: success, excitement, panic and frustration, all equally helpful is making us grow wiser.

We want to extend our merriest wishes to all our clients and to anyone who takes the time to visit our site, our theme is apropos and our stylish duo is done up for the holidays—well at least one is. Ho, ho, Noo! Is our battle cry for all those improvised Santas trying to keep the magic going for our ever smarter kids. . .

The Blog remains a welcome addition, Maybe the new year will bring us some inspiration and the necessary determination.



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